Love Yourself More (or at least appreciate yourself more)
Workshop Series - Coming Fall 2018
Series and skills Inspired by:
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Mind-Body Connection)
Meditation and Mindfulness
Self-compassion research
Nonviolent communication readings
Trauma informed approaches

Skills can help if you:
Struggle with appreciating the moment
Have difficulty managing your emotions
Think you are not good enough
Engage in self harm or suicidal thinking to cope
Too passive or too aggressive communication style
Hold on to things from the past and/or worry about future
Struggle with anxiety, depression, mood swings
Struggle with addictions or eating disorders
Difficulty managing anger or impulses

Cost $30 for one session.  Discount if you attend more than one session.  $120 for all 5 sessions.

$55 for two sessions, $80 for three sessions, $105 for 4 sessions

Location: Ewing office- 1330 Parkway Ave, Suite 12

Meditation Series Monday evenings in August (8/6, 8/13, 8/20). See details on Mindfulness page

Sunday Dates from 2:30 to 4:
9/9 -    Love your Your Nervous System - learn about being in your optimal level of arousal where learning and connection is possible                                                                            in comparison to fight, flight, freeze to protect one's self against a threat
9/16 -  Love your Thoughts - start to change your relationship to your thoughts and your inner critic
9/30 -  Love Your Emotions - explore function of emotions and ways to accept emotions and reality as it is 
10/7 -  Love your Emotions - explore different types of emotions and how to change intensity and frequency of emotions
10/14 -Love your Neighbor - learn ways to communicate more effectively and with kindness

Call 609-477-4573 to register & pay or ask questions. Maximum slots for each session is 11.


 In this psychotherapy group a variety of mindfulness based skills will be reviewed to help us better understand our emotions and experiences that lead us to feel shame/unworthy.  We will learn to balance acceptance and change to live more satisfying, peaceful lives.

We will focus on healing our shame and welcoming a range of emotions by incorporating these elements:

-instead of thinking of ourselves as broken or damaged considering ourselves to be wounded and in need of healing
-moving from self-disgust to budding compassion
-deepening awareness for the themes in our relationships, their origins and how they help or hurt us
-learning to share parts of ourselves that have been silenced and hidden in supportive relationships

Each session will include: 

-Meditation practices for "householders" rather than practices based on monastic tradition. We will learn to cultivate joy in our life, gratitude, curiosity, and compassion. We will learn to befriend our emotions and thoughts and welcome more of ourselves to live a fuller life. 

-Some type of psychoeducation to help tolerate distress, regulate emotions,  build shame resilience, increase flexible thinking and/or become more interpersonally effective

-Opportunities for discussion and processing issues from our daily lives

-Learning how we experience emotions through sensations, body movements, action urges, images, and thoughts

Group meets the first and third Wednesdays of the month from 6:30 to 7:50 pm (except August 2018 which is 1st and 4th Wed)

Call Dr. Nathalie Edmond to discuss if you are interested

Cost of group session:  $30 each session 

Encourage 3 month minimum commitment to attending group with payment of 3 sessions at a time to hold your place in group.

Some horizon and medicare insurances accepted at contracted rate